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Property Owners Association
Recreation Committee

August 12, 2017

The meeting of the WLE POA REC Committee was called to order at 10:00 AM, August 12, 2017, by Tri-Chairperson Diane Carrotozzolo. All present rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Twenty-one members in good standing were present.

Terry Vetter read the minutes of the preceding meeting.  One change was made by Diane C. It was referenced that the July 4th Celebration profited approximately $600, Dianne C. said there is currently $412.90 in receivables.

Diane Carrotozzolo read the Treasure's report for July 2017. Balance forwarded was $16,713.87. Total income $18,379.14. Total expenses 10,911.62. Balance on hand as of July 31, 2017, $24,181.39. Phyllis made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report as read, and was seconded by Diane Mula. 

Summer Festival incurred a loss of $3,540.98. This was due to a lack of crowd.  Liability Insurance was brought up by Eileen McGregor as a wind came up dislodging a pipe holding a canopy on a tent. The pipe struck two people, no serious injuries occurred.
Family Bingo doing well according to Nan Yack. There are approximately 70/72 people in attendance on a weekly game night.
Frank C.  stated Movie in the Park will continue until the end of August. Next movie will be A Dogs Purpose.
Sip & Paint brought in $180.00.  Check to see if this event will be on the next year's agenda as it is well liked.  Dianne mentioned she may possibly do another in October.
Comedy Night had 144 in attendance. It showed a profit of $1343.39 with a combined total for the two Comedy Nights of $2,800.07.
No Report on Swim Team Banquet.
Texas Hold-Em Al C. reported there were thirty-four participants producing an income of $80.00.
Music in the Park is on schedule per Al. C.  Next two events will be August 19th and August 26th. No 50/50 is sold because there is no one that stepped forward to sell tickets. If anyone is interested in selling 50/50 see Terry C.
Card Bingo is not sanctioned by Recreation, therefore, Frank and Diane C. turned back to REC $203.70.
Card Bingo is no longer supported by WLE REC.  Tri-Chairs Jeanine Salgueiro and Vinnie Settepani, met with WLE Board Members and it was decided that Card Bingo, if sanctioned by REC should be held at the Main Club House. A discussion continued on capacity limit in Adult Lodge and the growing number of card bingo players nearing that capacity and the WLE Board of Directors involvement on researching this issue.  Committee is frustrated by not getting definitive response from the Board.
Also there was a discussion of children being allowed in the Adult Lodge.  "Guidelines For Our Board."  Eileen McGregor stated that people today do not show respect for one another.

Fishing Derby will be held at Deer Lake Area today
Italian Football Wedding is tonight. Gino picked up the food, wine and beer. There will be a Disc Jockey after the ceremony and dancing. So far 90+ tickets have been sold.
Mohegan Casino Bus trip the 14th of the month has two buses running there, and is on target.
Bree DellaBella stated all looks good for the Flee Market on the 19th of this month. There are forty-five plus reservations on the sign-up sheet. The sign posted at the West Gate does not have the correct date on it and Security was asked to change it.  Vinnie S. will need help with the setup for the hot dogs.
Triathlon will be held on September 2nd, starts 10AM Deer Beach. 
Tricky Tray will be held on September 2nd. Doors open 6:00 PM, auction starts 8 PM.
Cardboard Boat Building will be at Beaver Lodge 1-3 PM on September 2nd. Boat race will be on Deer Lake September 3 at 11:00 a.m.
Halloween Parties will be held on October the 28th.
Thursday Morning Coffee is need of a Volunteer.
Card Bingo in need of a chair.

There were no nominations, nor volunteers to step forward at this time to Tri-Chair Recreation.

Question on why tent remains standing, but, stage is removed after Music in the Park. They are going to check with Chuck Miller.

Diane Kitchell - Quality of Life Program at the Main Club House August 13th:  Screen and Sound System, Diane said it is being taken care of.

After some Old Business discussions, Meeting was closed by Bree and seconded by Rick.

Next meeting will be September 9 at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Vetter

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