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February 9, 2019

Meeting called to order by Tri Chair Frank Carrotozzolo at 10:03 am. 
24 people in attendance.
A.    Pledge of allegiance
B.    Review of January 2019 minutes:
a.    Frank Carrotozzolo read the minutes from January 12, 2019
b.    Corrections were made as follows: 
i.    Under paragraph New Year's Eve next to last line change the word that to if
ii.    Change Marge Kenny to Terry Vetter for taking minutes
iii.    Clarify the alcohol policy that was stated during the meeting
c.    Motion made to approve amended minutes: Peggy Kostyshyn
i.    Seconded: Diane Mula
1.    Verbal passing of motion
C.    Treasurer's Report
a.    Balances as of December 1, 2018
i.    Starting balance in checking: $21,690.12
ii.    Revenue: $1,108.92
iii.    Expenses: $1,333.34
iv.    Ending balance in checking: $21,465.70
v.    Ending balance of CD: $5,045.98
vi.    Total: $26,511.68
1.    Motion made to accept Treasurer's Report: Eileen McGreagor
a.    Seconded: Jake Laul
i.    Verbal passing of motion
D.    Old Business
a.    Pot Luck game night - hosted by Mark and Cathy Brunie
i.    54 tickets sold
ii.    Made $66.36 profit
iii.    Expenses - $54.00
b.    Dinner and movie Hosted by Frank & Diane Carrotozzolo
i.    31 attendees
ii.    Profit of $84
c.    Super Bowl Hosted by Frank & Diane
i.    56 attendees
ii.    Made $188.23 profit
d.    Ambassador Group
i.    Group met on Feb 7th
ii.    Discussed community fliers and potential community dinner dates
iii.    Next meeting on Feb 21st at 6:30 pm
e.    Bobs game night for kids
i.    Not in attendance
ii.    Not yet fingerprinted
f.    Money for bus trips to NYC (previously tabled)
i.    Chairs discussed whether the bus trips should be given $1,000.  Last year's donation was $800
ii.    $600 per trip is usually given and there are 2 trips per year.  Total of $1,200 for the year.
iii.    As the cost of the trips has increased, she has requested additional money.  In a past meeting, it was discussed to increase the budget to $800
iv.    Different strategies discussed to address people's feelings that money may be being used for outsiders to attend
1.    Have 2 price structures
a.    If an attendee is a member of WLE
b.    Non-WLE member
i.    Raised multiple issues such as what qualifies as a WLE member?
2.    Put a condition in that the money isn't to be used to fund outside participants
v.    Space on bus is 50 people
1.    Motion made for Recreation to provide $800 for one 2019 bus trip: Eileen McGreagor   
a.    Seconded: Diane Mula
i.    Verbal passing of motion
E.    New Business
a.    Upcoming events
i.    Wacky Winter Weekend (Feb 16-17)
1.    Sled building 11-2 pm on Saturday morning (Feb 16th) so long as there is snow
a.    24 people signed up
2.    Ice cream social - 5-7:00 pm
a.    103 people have signed up, expected to go up to 150
3.    Bonfire - 7:30 pm at deer lake
4.    Ice skating and ice bowling
5.    Brunch on Sunday (10 - 1:00 pm)
a.    61 people signed up
b.    50/50 is being offered and attendance is not required at drawing
6.    Help needed with coming up with menu and serving etc
b.    Pantry
i.    Is a mess and will be worked on after wacky winter weekend
ii.    Eileen McGreagor requests $600 for pots, pans, appliances
1.    Motion made for Recreation to provide a budget of $600 for pots, pans, appliances: Peggy Kostyshyn
a.    Seconded: Mal Mack
i.    Verbal passing of motion
iii.    Cleaning will be worked on by Eileen
1.    Move the shelves and power wash the floors
iv.    In general, when you hold an event if you have additional food left over after an event take it home
c.    Saint Patrick's Day (Mar 16)
i.    Chair(s): Rebecca Assenheimer
ii.    Currently on schedule
iii.    DJ and Caterer has been chosen
d.    Memorial Day (May 26)
i.    Chair(s): Eileen McGreagor and Pat Brown
ii.    12-4 at the new baseball field
1.    Has porta potties, may need to use generator
2.    Primary focus of event: Old school games
3.    Materials: Balloons, eggs, solo cups, hula hoops, gifts, awards (possibly t-shirts)
4.    Donations for sports equipment are being solicited
5.    Soda, water, and drinks will be sold
6.    Plan to have snow cones with a freezer, tents, tables
7.    Budget of 2,000 requested
a.    Motion made for Recreation to provide a budget of $2,000: Diane Mula
i.    Seconded: Cathy Brunie
1.    Verbal passing of motion
b.    Al Cucciniello to get board approval
8.    Eileen to contact everyone that signed up to help
9.    People will need to bring their own seating
10.    Families can attend without signing up.  Debating doing a sign-up at the office and there will be a charge of $5 per family regardless of size
iii.    12:00 - 1:00 pm on Sunday every committee setting up a table to promote their committee
iv.    Scavenger Hunt
1.    Terry Cuccinello chairing
2.    May be moved to sometime in the summer when we don't have anything to do
v.    Comedy Night
1.    Potentially scheduled for Saturday
vi.    Spaghetti Community Dinner
1.    Community ambassadors to confirm by next month's meeting
e.    Easter Egg Hunt
i.    April 20th
f.    Anna Tavoline provided an update that the grill has been put together and is in the barn
g.    4th of July party
i.    Anna Tavoline chairing and Joanne Navarra co-chairing
ii.    Golf cart parade
1.    Doesn't usually finish when it is supposed to
iii.    Picnic usually starts at 12. Was thinking of moving to start at 2 instead
iv.    Will have a band/DJ with Bluetooth speakers
v.    Possibly have pool games in the pool
1.    May run into an issue with people not being happy that the pool isn't open
h.    Basketball rings and nets - Al confirmed that this is being done
i.    Dom requested to start a golf/baseball clinic
i.    Dom has agreed to chair the activity
ii.    Purpose: To get the kids out of the house
iii.    Start date: Beginning in April 2019
1.    There would be set times for the clinics
iv.    Location: Caspar Field
v.    Material pricing provided:
1.    Pitching machine - $900
2.    Golf Nets - $90
3.    Golf analyzer - $1,200
4.    Large net - $50 per
5.    Short nets - $45 per
6.    Turf golf putting (2) - $90 per
7.    Chip pad (2) - $30
vi.    Next steps:
1.    Request donations for equipment
a.    Frank suggested that Dom gets together with Mal and put together a flyer asking for used golf clubs
2.    Create a flyer to gauge interest
3.    Discuss again in March
vii.    Start off with golf clinic
j.    Newspaper
i.    Fliers have been given to Kathy to put into the paper that was supposed to be out already but the paper isn't out yet
ii.    March 15th is deadline for the next paper.  Anyone who has events in the summer, should try to get something in for the paper by March 15th
iii.    Newspaper is distributed by mail
iv.    Jay proposed an idea to have an opt-in page on the website to receive email alerts about upcoming events. 
v.    Next steps:
1.    Jay to speak with Kathy about adding the link
k.    Posting of community posters are looking sloppy
i.    Safety is in in charge of putting up the posters
ii.    Frank to bring up to the board
l.    Peggy thanked Rec for Jerry's Repass
m.    Recreation T-Shirts or Vests for volunteers
i.    Jay brought up a previous discussion on purchasing T-Shirts for volunteers to wear at events to increase public awareness as Memorial Day would be a perfect opportunity to utilize them
ii.    It was suggested that in the past, volunteers were provided vests to wear at an event
iii.    Eileen suggested neck ribbons as an alternative solution (she will be purchasing them for awards)
1.    $.29 cents per ribbon
iv.    Next steps:
1.    Jay to get pricing for t-shirts and vests
F.    Motion to adjourn made: Peggy Kostyshyn
a.    Seconded: Diane Mula
i.    Verbal passing of motion
Meeting adjourned at 11:59 am
Next meeting on Saturday, March 9th at 10:00 am


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