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Wallenpaupack Lake Estates
Property Owners Association
Recreation Committee
January 14, 2017

The meeting of the WLEPOA Recreation Committee was called to order at 10:02 a.m., January 14, 2017, by Tri-Chairperson Jeanine Salgueiro.  All present rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Twenty members in good standing were present.
Gwenn Phillips read the minutes of the preceding meeting.  The following corrections were made:  John Carney's name misspelled; Bob Murray should have been listed as co-chair for New Year's Eve; Jeanine suggested using word "allotment" rather than "gift".  Joe Mongalieri questioned if money for Decorating Committee will include new lights for Clubhouse.  It was advised that he direct that question to Decorating Committee (Bill and Pat Brown) for response.  Chuck Miller made a motion to accept minutes as corrected, seconded by Bree DellaBella, so carried.

Treasurer's Report - Diane Carrotozzolo read the totals from the finance report distributed to those present.  Balance forwarded was $23,057.54; income was $2,083.98; expenses were $3,973.44 for a total of $21,168.08.  This breaks down as $251.29 in petty cash, $15,916.79 in checking, and an 18 month CD of $5,000.  Motion made by Eileen McGregor to accept Treasurer's Report, seconded by Terry Cuccinniello and so carried.
Old Business:

Pot Luck: - Chuck Miller reported that all had a nice evening. 
Bus Trip to "Cats" - Diane Carrotozzolo gave a report of the bus trip.  No refunds were made.  Kathy Sollenne sent her thanks to the committee for their help in making this trip possible.
Ornament Exchange and Ugly Sweater Party - Eileen McGregor reported that 30 people attended, the event cost $113.55, and everyone had a good time.
New Year's Eve - Tony Schwab reported that this event made a profit of $376.34.  Initial response was that all had a good time.  They hired Ultimate DJ and Nicole was the DJ for the night and they were pleased.  Some discussion regarding food items and timing.  Tony, Vinny Settepani and Bob Murray will chair again next year.
Pantry Update:  Bob Murray not present.  Pantry in good shape.

New Business
Continuous Reminder for Event Chairs:  Only one extension to the cut-off date can be made and that change has to be made on or before the original cut-off date (not after).   Once cut-off date has come, no tickets will be sold unless the chair decides to sell at the door.

Super Bowl Party - Sunday, February 5 at MCH.  Frank Carrotozzolo announced that tickets will be $13 per person.  The menu will be similar to last year's.  BYOB.
Winter Wacky Weekend will be February 18 and 19. 

-    Frank C. will chair sled building.  Building will take place at Beaver Lodge, Saturday, February 18 from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00p.m.   Races held on Sunday.  Hot cocoa will be served at Beaver Lodge after races.
-    Brunch - Eileen McGregor is chairing. Sunday, 2/19.  Flyers are out
-    Ice Cream Social -  Eileen McGregor is chair, 2/19
-    Bonfire and Skating - Terry Cucciniello, 7:30 Saturday night, 2/18.  Hot chocolate and s'mores will be served.
-    Family Bingo - Sunday, 2/19; doors open 6:30.  Nan Yack and Kathy Krebs to chair.

Bows Kitchell made a motion that repairs be made to sound system/computer used for bingo, seconded by Eileen McGregor.  Discussion followed.  Meeting with audio visual volunteer has yet to be held.  Kathy Krebs wants to be included.  Tony Schwab (Board member) in attendance at our meeting and also at Women's Club luncheon and experienced first-hand problems with system.  He offered to spear-head getting system analyzed and repaired.  Deadline to have system working is February 19.
St. Patrick's Celebration - still needs chair. 

Diane Carrotozzolo advised committee that she has prepared article highlighting Recreation to be in next WLE quarterly newsletter.  Recreation events will be outlined.  New members will be invited to join.
Easter Egg Hunt - Jerry and Laura Beskovoyne will chair. 
Kentucky Derby - Chuck Miller reported that he met with Jeri Marshall and Marshall Perez.  His opinion is that if it goes as they plan, it will be fantastic.  He gave them the list of volunteers from last year.
Memorial Day -Jeanine Salgueiro and Vinny Settepani will chair.  Plans are to do something similar to last year's.  Terry Cuccinniello offered her help with scavenger hunt.
July 4 Celebration - Christine Salgueiro and Vinny Settepani will chair.  
Summer Carnival - July 8 - Nikki Lygeris Duran.
Sock Hop - 50's Dance - Scheduled for July 15 starting 7:00 p.m. at the MCH. 
Italian Wedding - Gino Dall'Aste will chair with Vinny Settepani on August 12 at MCH.
Beaver Pool June Band/DJ Night - Jeanine Salgueiro shared her hopes/plan for an evening with music that is geared to the teenagers.  She is currently working with some interested individuals.  Discussion followed.  Consensus was to have something for the teenagers.
Music in the Park - Dates will be those when no recreation event is planned.  Some discussion about stage.  Majority felt we could use wooden boards as have been used in the past for this coming summer.  We will wait until after Rock Ledge Pool is finished before we make a decision regarding a stage.
Diane Carrotozzolo reviewed how "petty cash" currently works.  Discussion followed.  Results are that tri-chairs will meet and outline how they would like "petty cash" handled.  Tri-chairs will report at next meeting.
Jeanine Salgueiro reported that volunteer information she has gathered will work best in a binder format.  She is assembling this.
Texas Hold'Em - Terry and Al Cucciniello will run Texas Hold'em on Friday nights, July 7 and August 11.  She asked Diane Carrotozzolo if there would be a conflict with Card Bingo.  Diane replied that it caused no problem this past summer and did not expect any problem going forward.
Terry Cucciniello asked if this past summer's Recreation coordinators be invited back for this summer.  Tri-chairs will meet with her after meeting.
Frank Carrotozzolo was asked if he will continue Movies in the Park.  He will chair again for Wednesday evenings.
Terry Cucciniello will plan a Casino Trip, probably to Mohegan Sun - Pocono.  She will shop for the bus company giving the best rewards and also check with Nikki to make sure there is no conflict with Summer Carnival.
Bree DellaBella was asked about Flea Market.  She will chair July 22.
Kathy Krebs commented that the outside decorating committee did a splendid job and she wished that her comment be included in our minutes.
Vinny Settepani asked to revisit St. Patrick's Day.  He suggested that chairperson use an outside caterer for dinner prep.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, Chuck Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Carol Greig.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Our next scheduled meeting will be February 11, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the Adult Lodge.

Respectfully submitted,

Gwenn Phillips,

Resumes for Property Owners running for the BOD are due end business day 4/2/18  Approved Stop Signs   Recycle days are Saturdays only