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Wallenpaupack Lake Estates
Property Owners Association
Recreation Committee
January 11, 2018

The meeting of the WLE POA Recreation was called to order by Vinny Settepani, Tri Chair, at 10:02 am January 11, 2018. Twenty- one members were in attendance. All rose for the pledge of allegiance.

Vinny read the minutes of the November Meeting and they were approved by all without corrections.

Peggy K. reported on the "Preholiday wine and cheese" she chaired in November. There were 79 in attendance and a final cost of $45.38.  All went well and she agreed to do it again next year if she is able.

Vinny reported on New Year's Eve party which he and Tony Schwab chaired. There were 112 in attendance and they reported a profit of $299.38. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Bob Murray has had the Thurs Morning Coffee up and running and it is well attended.

It was discussed that when a chairperson has leftovers from a function they should use their own discretion as to what to do with them. Save them for the next event, but do not put them in the pantry or refrigerator to go bad.

Vinny and Jeanine read the Treasurers report and it was accepted by all. Jeanine then thanked Bruce Phillips for all the time and work he spent on the budget.

Jeanine said that Christine will still do the Facebook page notices for recreation but will not be doing the flyers. Sue and Mal Mack will be doing the flyers now. All chairpersons will contact them from now on. Contact information will be posted.

It was also mentioned that chairs will need to report on 50/50 winners in their post-event sheet by giving their name as well as the amount won.

Looking ahead we now have no chairperson for the Super bowl party.

The Wacky Winter Weekend events will be a bonfire and Hot Cocoa at Deer Beach on Saturday. We will also have a family bingo on Sunday night at the MCH. Terry C. will do the fire and Nan Yack is chairing the Bingo. Times will be posted.

It was mentioned that the recreation minutes of meeting is behind by 6 months on the web. Discussion followed and it was determined that after the minutes are approved they need to be given to Kathy to post. Jeanine will do that with November's minutes which we just approved today.

It was also mentioned that there should be an up to date list of upcoming events for part time residents to be able to check when they are interested. Jeanine said that we usually give out such a list at the Memorial Day Celebration. 

It was asked if we could get a link to print our forms for chairs who do not live here all year. Jeanine will talk to Kathy S. about that.

Rebecca reported on the upcoming St. Patrick's Day party.  It will be on Saturday, March 17th and the cost will be $25.00 per person. She read the menu and said she needs a check to give to the DJ as a deposit. Jeanine explained how to obtain it.  She has decided to run it from 6 to 10 pm being that it is a dinner.

Vinny was to chair an ice cream social on Wacky Winter Weekend but he will not be here so Terry C. said she would run it if he would get all the supplies. They agreed. That will be on the same day (Saturday) as the bonfire but in the afternoon.

Marge Kenny, who has offered to chair the family bingo on Tues nights in the summer, asked if we could change the night due to conflicts with the swim team meets.  Jeanine will check with Rachael for an updated schedule of the meets to see if we need to change it. Discussion followed.

Dianne Kitchell wants to do another "paint and sip" in the summer. She will check on dates and time.

Terry C. wants WLE to advertise for a summer recreation program coordinator.

Kathy and Mark Brunie would like to do a "Sock Hop" in the summer. Dates and times were discussed.  Let's get it on the calendar.

Nickee talked about a pre-Christmas clothing sale for kids clothing that would be donated. It was explained that most of our members already give gently used clothing to Dianne Kitchell for the soup kitchen at her church which gives it to the needy. Discussion followed.

A motion by Peggy K and seconded by Dianne K. was made to adjourn at 11:30 am.
Our next meeting will be on February 10th at 10 am in the adult lodge.

Respectfully submitted
Peggy Kostyshyn for Gwenn Phillips, Secretary.

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