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MARCH 12, 2016

2016 last copy received

Tri-Chairperson Diane Carrotozzolo called the meeting of the WLEPOA Recreation Committee to order at 10:00 a.m. March.  All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Twelve members in good standing were present, including Tri-Chairs Diane Carrotozzolo, Eileen McGregor and Jeanine Salgueiro. Diane C read the minutes of the preceding meeting.

Motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Diane Mula, seconded by Nan Yack and passed by membership.

Jeanine S read the Treasurer's Report for the period ending February 29, 2016.  Cash at 1/31/2016 was $21,290.79; income $3071.25; expenses $862.38; current total is $23,499.66.  Frank Carratozzolo made a motion to accept Treasurer's Report, seconded by Carol B.  Treasurer's Report accepted with the correction to the date of 1/31/2016 being corrected to 2/29/2016.

Old Business:
Eileen M recapped that New Years Eve went well, making $445.92.

Frank Carrotozzolo reported that the Super Bowl party was a great success and everyone enjoyed themself and they made a small profit.

Eileen M reported details from Wacky Winter Weekend.  Sled Building was extremely fun and the kids were invited inside the Adult Lodge for cupcakes and to escape the cold.  The Ice Cream Social was also a success, with 99 people making a profit of $34.90. Brunch hosted 49 people and made $189.41. Family Bingo was attended by 106 people, making $248.77. The Bonfire event had to be cancelled due to extreme cold, and Terry C will return the things she purchased in preparation. The total profit of Wacky Winter Weekend was $340.89.

Eileen M also shared that the Mardi Gras party was unfortunately cancelled due to low attendance, but the $175 DJ deposit is guaranteed to be held for one year. 

Christine Salgueiro reported that the St. Patrick's Party scheduled for March 12 at the MCH is a go. 

Fall Festival - Vinny Settepani reported all has been set up, but the committee is unsure if contracts have been signed.

Due to a lack of chairperson, the Egg Hunt is temporarily cancelled.

Eileen M reported that a Thank You Letter had been written to the committee from the Office staff for a lovely annual Christmas luncheon.

New Business:
Chuck M emailed an update on the Kentucky Derby event. It is set for Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 6pm at the MCH. Tickets are $20 per person. The Derby race will be viewed at 6:30pm, and followed by 7 simulated races beginning at 7:30pm.  There will be prizes for the best decorated hat for the ladies and the best-dressed gentleman. Chuck requested an increase in budget for $455, but this cannot be approved, as there are not enough members present. The information was shared with Dan B who will report at the Board Meeting next weekend.

Jeanine S reported on Memorial Day Weekend. Diane C reported that there will be a Brunch on May 28th. Kathy S will chair an Open Mic Night on May 28, 2016. Set up will begin at 6pm and the show runs from 7 to 9pm. This is not a talent show, rather to showcase community members' musicianship. Interested parties can contact Kathy S and sign up in the office for an approximate time slot. Christine S reported that there will be a Family Friendly Scavenger Hunt on May 29th, time to be determined, to showcase the many amenities of the community and help families mingle. Michelle Gorman has scheduled comedy nights for May 29th and August 13th.

Vinny Settepani reported he had spoke with Michele Gorman in regard to a summer event (Dinner Show).  Jeanine S clarified that her contact with Tony Lou was only for budgeting purposes, and she is not the chair of the event. Vinny S will need to discuss further with Michelle G. Jeanine S shared with Vinny the available Saturdays for the summer, June 17 and 24, July 9, August 27, and September 3. Vinny was curious how much was put into the budget for a Tony Lou event, and was assured that $1200 was budgeted. He will discuss dates with Michelle G and report back to the committee. 

Jeanine S reported that only Tricky Tray has been scheduled for Labor Day Weekend at this point.

Jeanine S also reported that Terry C is working on booking artists for Music in the Park, but the scheduled dates are July 16, 23, and 30, and August 6, and 20.

Dan B advertised a free event on Sunday, April 17 at 4pm at Marywood University. The West Point Concert Band will be playing.

The next meeting will be April 9.

There being no further business, Diane M made a motion to adjourn, motion seconded by Richard M, all were in favor.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Salgueiro

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