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Wallenpaupack Lake Estates
Property Owners Association
Recreation Committee
November 12, 2016

The meeting of the WLEPOA Recreation Committee was called to order at 10:08 a.m November 12, 2016, by Tri-Chairperson Jeanine Salgueiro.  All present rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Twenty-two members in good standing were present.
Jeanine led a moment of silence in honor of Veteran's Day.

Gwenn Phillips read the minutes of the preceding meeting.  Miscellaneous items were discussed.   $100 was voted for as seed money for the Thursday Morning Breakfast.  Price per person for Pre-Holiday Party is $3.00.  Pat Mongalieri, Paula Whitney and Vinny Settepani chairing Lunch with Santa Children's Party; $2.00 admission fee for each child, under one year will be free.  Ornament Exchange and Ugly Sweater Party fee is $2.00 plus a wrapped Christmas ornament valued between $5 and $7.
Pat and Bill Brown chairing outside decorating, not a Recreation event.  They will post "work days".   Joe Mongalieri questioned if POA is paying for new lighting and decorations.  Yes, they are. 
After the above statements,  Chuck Miller made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Richard Yack and so carried.

Jeanine recognized some new faces and invited them to join Recreation.  Joe Mongalieri suggested that first and last names be used in minutes.  Gwenn Phillips will do so.
Treasurer's Report - Copy supplied to all members present; consequently, Jeanine read only totals.  Balance forwarded was $21,185.49; income was $2284.19; expenses were $2371.58 for a total of $21,098.10.  This breaks down as $251.29 in petty cash, $15,295.81 in checking, a pending transfer, and an 18 month CD of $5,000.  Motion made by Nan Yack to accept Treasurer's Report, seconded by Kathy Krebs and so carried.

Old Business:
Adult Halloween Party - Jeanine Salgueiro and TT Salgueiro hosted the event.  57 people attended, fewer than last year.  Those present had a good time.

Children's Halloween Party - Jeanine Salgueiro reported that Joe and Pat Mongalieri, Diane Carrotozzolo and Vinny  Settepani helped with decorations.  Approximately 100 people attended and event cost approximately $500.00.

Barn Clean Out -  Frank Carrotozzolo reported that there was a good turn out and they completed their task.

Card Bingo - Diane reported they held their last Card Bingo on November 3 with a thank you party.  Event took in  1,221.00; $256.00 of which is profit.

Apple Pie Making:  Jeanine reminded those present that pie baking would be at 2:00 this afternoon at Beaver Lodge.  She reviewed prices.

Pot Luck: - Peggy Kostegyn and Diane Mula volunteered to host Pot Luck on December 10 at MCH starting at 6:00 p.m.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the office. Ladies brought sign-up to our meeting.

"Cookies and Cocoa" - Needs chair.  This event had coincided with the lighting of the tree at the main entrance.  Vinny reminded those present that the Women's Luncheon Club usually bakes for this event.

Pre-Holiday Party - Pat Mongalieri informed committee that 37 people have purchased tickets to date.  Event will be Friday, November 25 at the MCH at 7:00.  Cost is $3 per person.

Ornament Exchange and Ugly Sweater Party - Eileen McGregor chairing.  It will be held December 17 at 7:00 in Beaver Lodge.  Cutoff date is December 15.  Fee is $2.00 for an adult and $1.00 for a child.  Each attendee is to bring a wrapped ornament valued between $5-7.00.

Lunch with Santa -December 3 will be chaired by Pat Mongalieri and Paula Whitney.  Decorating the MCH is scheduled for November 29.  Volunteers will be needed, particularly some men to help with tree.  Cost is $2.00 per person.  Tickets will be available at the office, cutoff date is November 26.

Bus Trip to "Cats" - all tickets to show are sold; bus seats available.  Office will have tickets.

New Year's Eve - Tony Schwab and Vinny Settepani chairing.  Contract has been signed for DJ.  Tony had a question regarding the start time.  Party will start at 8:00p.m. and end at 1:00 a.m.  Will not be a dinner but finger foods will be included.  The cut off will be when the maximum of 14 tables is sold.

St. Patrick's Celebration - needs chair.

Summer Carnival - Nikki Lygeris Duran has scheduled this event for July 8, 2017.  She was able to use some of the same vendors originally contracted for Fall Festival. 

Sock Hop - 50's Dance - Resident Rosemarie Purpura and a group of her friends have scheduled this for July 15 from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.at the MCH.

Vinny Settepani announced that he and Gino Dall'Aste are planning an "Italian Football Wedding" and will bring details when organized.

There was some discussion regarding making ceramics available during the holiday break.  Gwenn Phillips will pursue.

Revisiting by-laws.  This subject has been discussed in the past.  Today we are to take a vote on the definition of "major event".  After much discussion, majority voted to leave by-laws as is.

Some discussion on scheduling events at the MCH.  Tony Schwab suggested the office call tri-chairs before they add anything.  Membership agreed this was a good idea.

New Business: 
Mike M is stepping down as co-chair for tents.  Chuck Miller will continue receiving calls requesting tents.

Committee revisited tree lighting and Cookies and Cocoa.  Since Bill and Pat Brown are chairing a committee separate from Recreation, they will organize Tree Lighting.  The tree lighting will be held same night as Pre-Holiday party.  This will not allow for Cookies and Cocoa after ceremony.  To date, no one offered to chair Cookies and Cocoa.

Dianne Kitchell brought up the subject of microphones at MCH.  Board of Directors has purchased new one and a new mixer.  Kathy Krebs made a motion to purchase a microphone for Recreation at a cost of $300.00. Some discussion followed as to where new mic would be kept.  Terry Vetter suggested buying two new microphones.  Peggy Kostegyn seconded motion.  After a raise of hands, motion to purchase two mics for $600 was carried.  The new mics will be locked in the Pantry and each of the tri-chairs has a key to the pantry.  Still suggested that Joe Mongalieri or Rocky Kizer be contacted BEFORE event by chairperson so correct mic will is plugged in and working.

Dianne reminded those present that she is stepping down as Family Bingo chair.  Before the meeting ended, Nan Yack and Kathy Krebs volunteered to co-chair Family Bingo.  Diane Mula also volunteered her help.

Frank Carrotozzolo showed award and certificate Recreation is giving to Grace Olsen in thanks for her many years as Secretary.  She will be asked to attend the next meeting so it can be presented to her.
ember of Recreation was approached by Board of Directors regarding purchase of a new flatscreen TV to replace old TV's.  Cost is $288.00.  After some discussion, Terry Vetter made a motion to purchase this TV.  Board of Directors will be asked to dispose of the two TV's in corner of MCH.  Jeanine Salgueiro asked for a show of hands and motion was approved by majority.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, Dianne Kitchell made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Nikki Lygeris Duran.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Our next scheduled meeting will be December 10 at 10:00 a.m. in the Adult Lodge.

Respectfully submitted,

Gwenn Phillips

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