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The meeting was called to order by Tri Chair Frank Carrotozzolo at 10:03 am, November 9th, 2019. Twenty nine members were present including BOD representative Al Cucciniello. All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of October's meeting were distributed and members were given a few minutes to read them. It was also stated that the minutes will be being sent to all members via e-mail and that would give us time to read them prior to the meeting as well as save on paper. Questions about who is receiving e mails from recreation because there seems to be some missing on the list. Jay R. will check to see that the list is updated.  Frank also asked for everyone to sign in as we see a few new faces. New people were introduced. Tara Capponi, Helen Marini,Claudia Macek, Paul Norton, Tracy Rockerfeller, Maureen Hart, and Mary Bran. 

Pat Mongalieri had two corrections to the minutes:  her name was spelled wrong (should be Patryce not Patrice) and that lunch with Santa should include chicken nuggets. Correction noted. Motion to accept as corrected by Sue Mack and seconded by Conrad Zabransky.  All in favor. Minutes approved as corrected.

Frank C. then read the Treasurer's report from September 2019. Revenue was $4,866.83, Expenses $12.46 for a total of $25,759.49. October 2019, Revenue was 2,533.74, Expenses $2,468.93 for a total of $25,824.30. A motion to accept the reports was made by Steven Kriso and seconded by Nan Yack. Motion carried.

SWIM TEAM: Rachel Harmuth gave a report on Swim Team. Anna stated that the Tricky Tray profited $3,085. Rachel stated that the Swim Team made $784.profit this year. She asked for an increase in the budget for next year to $6,300 if the attendance required it.  Kerry Geesey will chair the Tricky Tray next year.   Much discussion followed. The new budget will be presented at the next meeting and then go to the BOD for approval.
HALLOWEEN PARTY: Conrad and Maryanne Zabransky said that all went well and they requested that we get rid of broken tables in the MCH and replace them. Noted. All agreed that they did a great job. Thank you! The party had a loss of $97.
TRUNK OR TREAT: Diane C. reported that we had to move the date due to inclement weather but it was well received and that they gave out lots of treats.   Thank you to all who helped.$112 was spent on cupcakes and Hot chocolate.
HAUNTED HOUSE: Jay Rivera thanked all who helped him and said that it went well and he hoped to expand next year. All agreed that it was a success.  $775.37 was spent on this project. 
WEDNESDAY MORNING BREAKFAST: Cathy and Mark Brunie have started it up and had a good group for the first week and more in the second week. They were given $128. Startup money from Recreation.

Pre-Holiday cocktail Party: Peggy K. stated that the flyers are up and that tickets are on sale at the office. As of today we have sold 45 and the cut off is 100. So if interested get your tickets soon. She explained that we are having entertainment as well as more Hors d'oeuvers this year and that she requested to up the budget to 1200. Much discussion followed about Recreation keeping in the black. Some profit should be made on events to keep our finances going. Eileen Mc Gregor made a motion to increase the budget to 1200 AND Conrad Z. seconded it. Motion carried.  AL Cucciniello suggested that  we could put a donation bucket out at some of the free events to help mitigate the costs.
CRAFT SHOP: Terry Vetter has closed for the winter and she was thanked by the Tri Chairs and it was stated that she showed a profit of over $1000. This year. 
LUNCH WITH SANTA: Pat M. stated that Flyers are going up and that it will be on December 7th.
SANTA ON THE FIRE TRUCK:  Anna stated that this will be held on December 21st and there will be hot coco and cookies at Kasper Lodge afterwards.
ZUMBA GOLD: Jay Rivera stated that PO Jen Olsen will send an email to the Tri- Chairs to accept responsibility for ensuring that any non- property owners that attend the dance group will have guest passes and accept responsibility for any tickets issued.  Sue stated that Carol Rivera will chair the group.  Frank stated that they need to submit paper work for each different class. Discussion followed. It was decided that the dance class would submit paperwork under the umbrella of "Dance Class" and that they could have different classes (Zumba, ballroom, ect.) which would fall under the umbrella. Mary B. gave the tri-chairs a report on how dance can help the signs of aging. Jay R. will follow-up on the paper work. 
Questions as to who can run for Tri chairs. PO as well as renters. Discussion followed and it was stated that the BY laws read that any active recreation member, whether a renter or owner, can run for that position. However in order to be considered an active member you must be in good standing, attend 5 meetings or chair a major event or help on at least 3 events. It was decided to leave the BY-Laws as is.
NEW YEARS EVE PARTY: Carole Rivera has stepped up to chair with Sue Mack serving as co-chair. Flyers are done. D.J. has been booked. It will be a roaring 20's theme. Cut off at 128 tickets.
CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING: Diane C. checked with Pat Brown and the Brown's will not be doing the tree lighting this year. No one has stepped up as of this meeting. There is no one to do the lighting of the tree or the cookies and coco.
JANUARY: Frank and Diane C. are hoping to do dinner and a movie. Also possibly a game night by Cathy and Mark Brunie. No dates yet set.
ST. PATRICKS PARTY: Jay R. and co-chair Tara Will be doing it. They requested $2500. Which is $500. Increase. This will be on next year's budget.
JAY R. suggested that we do a flower sale in the spring. He is checking with local greenhouses to see if he can get donations.
Anna T. suggested a Talent Contest. She is thinking about it.
Eileen Mc Gregor was asked if she was doing the ice cream social for Wacky Winter Weekend and she declined. She also stated that she would not be doing the Brunch that weekend either.
Recreation is looking for ideas.

Jay Rivera asked if the trail behind the ball field could be used for haunted house next year. Al Cucciniello thinks it would be OK with the BOD but they would have to know what will be done.  Tara Capponi will be chairperson for the haunted house next year.

The Ambassadors Club made up new folders to hand out to new property owners and they were distributed at the meeting.

Next meeting will be December 14th at the adult lodge. @ 10am.

Conrad Zabransky made a motion to close and it was seconded by Steven Kriso. All in favor. Meeting closed at 11. They are on the table for all to see.

Next meeting will be December 14th at the adult lodge. @ 10am.

Conrad Zabransky made a motion to close and it was seconded by Steven Kriso. All in favor. Meeting closed at 11:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Kostyshyn (standing in for Gwen Phillips, Secretary)

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