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Wallenpaupack Lake Estate
Property Owners Association
Recreation Committee Meeting
October 13, 2018

THE meeting of the WLE POA Recreation Committee was called to order by Frank Carrotozzolo, Tri Chair at 10:10 a.m. October 13, 2018. Twenty-eight members were present. All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Minutes of the September 8, 2018 meeting were distributed to all. One correction was made, not Anna V, should be Anna T (Tavoline). At that time Joe Mongalieri stated that all names should be spelled out as we are not all familiar with all that are present.
The Treasurer's Report was not distributed, as there is an issue in the calculations.
Children's Halloween Party - Anna T she is thinking about it
List of Houses for Trick or Treat in office 
Trunk or Treat will take place at Casper Lodge 6 until 8
The need to get a W9 form for anyone who is paid more than $600.00 This would take into consideration anyone who wins. 50/50 raffle at which time of the winning we get the persons name.
November, Pre Holiday event
December, lunch with Santa, Christmas Tree lighting 
TRICKY TRAY:  Calculations on profit not finalized according to Anna T.  Rachele Harmuth reported that the season for the swim team was fabulous and every child or teen is welcome to swim, be it for a short period or for the full season of competition. Swim gear is not marked up for profit. 
No one stepped forward to run Thursday Morning breakfast.
Chuck Miller stepping down from being in Charge of putting up/taking down of tents for Rec functions. Paul Pogozelski stepped up to doing tents.
November, Pre-Holiday Party
December, Christmas Tree lighting with Chocolate and dessert to follow at MCH
December, lunch with Santa
New Year's Eve Party Chaired by Tony Schwab, Paul P, Frank C
EXPENDITURES ARTICLE IV, SECTION 4:  $251.00 to $1,000.00 must be passed by at least ten active members. Chair has okay up to $250.00;  $251.00 to replace $500.00. Motion made by Eileen McGregor seconded by Diane Carrotozzolo. Passed by show of hands.
TRI-CHAIR TERMS ARTICLE V, SECTION 1:  Proposal by Frank C, all newly elected
Chairs will serve a three year term with one board member stepping down each year. Rebecca Assenheimer interjected that is how the WLC committee serves their terms and presented how it works. Motioned by Terry Cucciniello , seconded by Rebecca A. Passed by show of hands.

It was suggested that when a person chairs an event, said chair will receive two free tickets for the event, and gasoline money up to twenty five dollars to offset cost of pickup of food, or materials used for the event. Motioned by Eileen McG seconded by Carol Greig. Passed by show of hands.
Guide lines for Money Events presented by Eileen McG:
72 hours to cancel if not a medical problem, for refund of cost of event. Medical will be considered. NO refunds after a set date. This info should be on the flyer for the said event.
Terry C said booking for the Farmers Daughter will cost $800.00, NOTE: there was a question if the Rockledge Pool will be completed, as of the day of the event. No one stepped forward to Chair the 4th of July 2019 picnic. Terry C will find out about refund if Band needs to be canceled.
Kathy Sollenne running bus trip to NY on December 12th to see the play King Kong. Almost booked. Deadline to event November 10th. Cost $143/$83 price set on theatre seating.  If needed a second bus will be considered.
Terry C checking out cost getting Food Trucks got quote of $1800.00 for seven or eight trucks, possibly for the fourth picnic or for another event. At this time Terry is getting a handle on how this works and will do more checking into it. 
Eileen McG noted that inflatables used at a venue should be looked into as who will be responsible for insurance liability. Diane C. stated that October would not be a good time for food truck festival as it is done at a lot of other locations.
February Wacky Winter Festival:  Frank C. cardboard sled races. Sled building on Saturday, Ice Cream Social, Sunday Brunch $2000.00 budget requested.  Family Bingo by Marge and Al Kenny $300.00 requested. 
Kentucky Derby being replaced with the Belmont Running, June 8, 2019, set up after annual meeting. New York theme, there will be Belmont Breezes drinks, Hats, betting, etc. $1500.00 Budget requested. Will contact the WLC High Steppers to dance to New York, New York as entertainment.
Memorial weekend Scavenger Hunt Chaired by Terry Cucciniello and Joanne Navarra.
Cathy and Mark Brunie volunteered to do The Sock Hop July/ August Budget requested $2500.00. 
Luau, Anna T is thinking about doing event Memorial Weekend if Pool is completed. Wine and Cheese Peggy Kostyshyn Chair, and Joe M volunteered to do music, no charge.
Jerry B will be doing Easter Egg hunt, and pizza party. $400.00 Budget Requested.
St. Patty's Day Chaired by Rebecca A Budget Requested $2000.00.
Comedy Night Chaired by Michele Gorman, two events, June, July, Or August.
Marge K and Al K will do Family Bingo.
Flea Market event Chair Bree Della Bella.
Music in the Park event Chair Terry C.
Texas Holden event Chair Terry C, second Saturday in both July and August. 
Swim Team Chair Rachel H, Budget depends on the amount of children that join. 
WLE Shop Terry Vetter Chair Budget requested $3000.00.
Mohegan Sun Bus Trip -  August $1500.00 Budget requested.
Card Boat Races Chaired by Rachele H; Budget requested as of date $500.00. It depends on left over Duct Tape from cardboard sled races held by Frank C.
Fishing Derby Chaired by Terry C. She has some prizes left over from this past year.
Question came up "Why is the Recreation Meeting not posted on info Board".
Joe M stated Aerobics/Walking Class is under Rec. and held at the Main Club House.
Eileen McG talked to John Carney about improving the cleanliness of the kitchen areas. She has set up a system to monitor these facilities. Pantry restocking will be done by Eileen McG.
Soda cooler in bar area of Main Club House needs to be replaced.
Bob Kaminski requested to be a part of WLE REC. Bob is a gamer, Dungeons and Dragons Fortnite. . At present he has a small group, ten years of age and up, who meet with him a couple times a week at Kasper Lodge. Bob is a gamer and has all the equipment needed, all the kids need to do is show up. He would like to get the word out to other kids, and set up a Gaming Club, thus the request. He has been supplying pizza and soda to his small group once a week when they game. This game tricks the kids into doing math. Bob needs funding for this endeavor, and is asking for a budget of $400.00 for the pizza, soda and paper to get started.  Motion was made by Rachele H and seconded by Joanne N. And approved by a show of hands.  Also, Bob requested that it is brought to the attention of the WLE Board of Directors to get permission to use Beaver Lodge, when it is available and he needs use of it so that he can set up a time schedule. Quorum will vote on next year's budget, and will get approval at December's Meeting.
Meeting ended 11:35 a.m., motion by Pat Mongalieri, seconded by Marshall Perez, adjourned by show of hands.
Next meeting November 10, 2018
Respectfully submitted,
Terry Vetter

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