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Recreation Committee

September 9, 2017

The meeting of the WLE POA RECREATION Committee was called to order at 10:00 AM, September 9, 2017, by Tri-Chairperson Jeanine Salgueiro. All present rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Twenty members in good standing were present.

Prior to the meeting, Frank Carrotozzolo asked for the definitive Board of Directors' decision regarding Rec's use of the Adult Lodge for Card Bingo.  WLE rule per Tony Schwab is that Adult Lodge is available for ALL members. Recreation cannot make reservation for Adult Lodge.  Discussion followed with Vinny S. and Jeanine S commenting on their meeting with Board.  Board's decision relative to Card Bingo is to use Main Clubhouse, which can be reserved and has a larger capacity.  Currently, Card Bingo is being held Friday evenings by a group of residents and is not a recreation event.

Gwenn Phillips read the minutes from the August 12, 2017.  Peggy Kostyshyn made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Rich Yack and so carried.

The Treasurer's report ending August 2017 was made available for meeting.  Balance forwarded was $24,181.39; receipts $6,107.81; disbursements $7,875.87.  Current balance is $22,413.33.

Jeanine took the occasion to thank Rich and Nan Yack for chairing Family Bingo.  They will not return as chairs next year.  Jeanine suggested that a back-up Bingo system be purchased in case the computerized version does not work.  Committee members agreed.  Jeanine will purchase. A new chair is needed for next year's Family Bingo. 

Jeanine also thanked Frank Carrotozzolo for providing Movies in the Park during the summer months.  This event has been well attended.  Frank will chair again next year.

Terry Cucciniello was recognized for her work in providing musicians for Music in the Park.  She will continue to chair this popular event.  She will start scheduling as soon as Recreation Calendar is set for 2018.

Terry C. reported on the Fishing Derby.  35 children participated.  All received something and it was well received.

As a result of the cold wet weather, only 11 people participated in the Tri-Athlon.  Event cost $80.50.

Italian Football Wedding - Vinny reported that approximately 100 people attended and a profit of approximately $400 was made.  Jeanine S. asked that Vinny S. extend thanks to Gino Dell'Aste for a job well done.

Mohegan Sun Casino trip was successful per Terry C.  Two buses made the trip and a small profit was realized.

Flea Market - Bree Della Bella reported on a successful event.  There were more tables this year than in the past.  She agreed to chair this event next year.

Tricky Tray - No formal report.  Committee members commented that it was well run by Rachel Harmuth.
Cardboard Boat Building and Race were both able to run despite weather.  Kids were happy…and that is all that matters.

Craft Shop - Terry V. reported that all bills have been paid and all proceeds from this point will be profit.

Both Halloween Parties will be held on October 28.  Jeanine and Christine will chair both.  They have contracted a DJ for the adult party.  Music will be at both parties.  They would like some volunteers.

Paint N Sip - Dianne Kitchell has scheduled a Paint N Sip for Thursday, November 9.  Christine will do the flyer.  Cost will be $25 per person, held in Main Club House and starting at 6:30 P.M.  A winter scene will be the subject to paint.

Pre-Holiday Party needs a chairperson.  Pat Mongalieri is stepping down.  Usually held the Saturday evening of Thanksgiving holiday.

New Year's Eve - Tony Schwab and Vinny Settepani will chair. 

Thursday Morning Breakfast - Bob Murray may resume as Chair.  Breakfasts usually start the first week in October but it is up to the chair.

Kathy Sollene advised Rec that she is not running December Bus Trip for Broadway show.  Will do something in the spring instead.  Motion made by Carol Grieg and seconded by Rich Yack to continue helping with cost of bus making trip more affordable for residents.  Motion carried.

Pat Mongalieri will continue as chair of Lunch with Santa.  She mentioned that this usually coincided with the lighting of the big tree.  Will have to check with Decorating Committee.

Al Cucciniello reported back to the Committee regarding usage of Adult Lodge by children.  Board's decision is that if weather becomes an issue at an event, children will be allowed in Adult Lodge but     must be accompanied by an adult.

Terry Cucciniello questioned when Rec's master calendar will be available.  Not complete yet.  Terry also suggested that we streamline our paper work that is submitted to the office.  Jeanine communicates with the office electronically with a cc to John Carney and found that is very effective.

Jeanine will contact chairs for upcoming events to determine if they will continue for next year.

Election of new Tri-Chair.  Jeanine asked if there were any nominations from the floor.  Joe Mongalieri nominated Joanne Navarra.  There were no other nominations.  Terry C called Joanne N. to confirm she would accept nomination.  She accepted and was unanimously elected Tri-Chair.

Next meeting will be October 14 at 10:00 a.m.

Discussion followed of quarter dues raffled by Swim Team at Tricky Tray.  This year, the swim team purchased dues.  Tony S. explained Board of Directors' decision.  Al C. will take it to the Board again.  Suggestion that we (Recreation Committee) pay for quarter dues in 2018.  No vote taken.

Vinny plans Ice Cream Social for October 7 or 8.  Asked for opinions on hiring clown or other entertainment. Terry C. suggested he provide both during Columbus weekend.  Committee in agreement and Vinny will proceed.
There being no further business to come before the meeting, Terry C.  motioned that the meeting be concluded, seconded by Terry V. and so carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Gwenn Phillips 

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