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Frank Bruno

I, Frank Bruno, was born in Suffern N.Y. I attended Sacred Heart School then Don Bosco College Prep. I worked for family in all aspects of construction, antique billiards and boating for many years. Law Enforcement became my profession for the City of New York and I retired from that with the rank of Detective.

I am married to the love of my life Andrea, who has blessed our family with two amazing boys, Anthony & Nicholas. My family is the driving force of my life now and it's my goal to show them and all the people around us how to live being the best person we can all be.

I take a personal interest in teaching good values of life. In doing so I volunteer as a level 2 Swim Coach and am the President of the Board for the Monroe Woodbury Swim Club. I would like to bring all of my past experiences and past accomplishments to our Community.
I thank you for your consideration.

Paul Pogozelski

My name is Paul Pogozelski. My wife, Cathy and I have been full time residents of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates for the past thirteen years. We have been members of the Recreation Committee, where we have assisted on numerous events. I have also served on the Citation Dispute Committee and the Advisory Board. I am a member of the Lakeville Fire Department, which serves Wallenpaupack Lake Estates. I am retired from the United States Army and the New York City Department of Sanitation. I recently retired after having been employed by a neighboring community, where I held the position of Facilities Manager. The position encompassed all aspects of maintenance, including preparing and overseeing the Operational, Capital, New Capital Budgets and road and storm water management.

I enjoy living in the Wallenpaupack Lake Estates community and have always had an interest in what has happened and what is happening in our community. I feel that with my past and present job experiences I can continue to contribute helpful insights to an already wonderful community.

Since I am fully retired, and have more free time, I have decided to run again for the Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Board of Directors.

Edward Jordan

My name is Edward Jordan.  I am currently seeking election to the Board of Directors for the Property Owners Association of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates.  I have been a member of WLE since 1975 when my parents purchased their lot in section 1 and built their home. In 2005 my wife and I purchased our own home in WLE.  I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren at WLE using the many amenities it offers.  With over 40 years vested in this community, plus my father's service on the first Board of Directors helping to pull the association from bankruptcy when the developer abandoned the community, I believe it is time for me to step up and do my part to help continue the work that the original board envisioned, a quality community while keeping costs in mind.

I am a retired Detective from the New York City Police Department, where 15 of my years I was assigned to the Organized Crime Control Bureau.  Since retirement I have worked for the Whitehall Coplay School District. 

My community involvement includes serving as the Secretary for the Marina Committee, where we have managed to upgrade our facilities without increasing the costs.   I also previously served on the Citation Review Committee.

I am presently Financial Secretary for the Ancient Order of Herbinians Lehigh County where we promote Irish Heritage and raise funds for local children charities, and Secretary for the Columbian Home of Allentown.  In addition, I previously served as the President of the NYPD Holy Name Society.

As you can see my history with our community goes back a long way.  I remember the struggles that the property owners went through to make WLE the place it is today.  My goal for WLE is to continue making this the premier Community in the Poconos at a cost we all can afford.  Thank you for your consideration.

Resumes for Property Owners running for the BOD are due end business day 4/2/18  Approved Stop Signs   Recycle days are Saturdays only      

Bruce A. Phillips

We first joined the WLE family in 1984 as renters.  We rented the same house every summer for five years.  During this time we fell in love with WLE - our children were very active on the swim team, we made friends we have to this day, and we became active in Recreation.  In 1988 we built the house we retired to in 2010 and we still love WLE.

After acquiring our property, I became active on the Finance committee.  In 1991, I joined the Board of Directors, and over the next seven years was either Treasurer or President of the Board.  It was a very active time for WLE both financially and developmentally.  We developed workable budgets, both operating and capital, so we could plan, fund and finance the needs of WLE.  We (and I mean all of us) replaced and funded - the current sewer plant; the administration building; put the WLE roads on a controlled cycle of repair; expanded the maintenance area; dredged Beaver Lake, built Beaver Beach and expanded the small boat area at Beaver Lake; added a second water tower; and replaced Beaver Pool. 

I understand the time and effort it takes to be on the Board.  The past three years I have had the pleasure of being involved with one of the most active group of Board members.  As a group they not only made decisions but got
very involved in the implementation of those decisions.  I still have a couple of things to streamline and document in our budgeting and financial processes.  I would also like to see the completion and funding of the new well and replacement of Rockledge pool through to the end.

I would like to be your representative on the Board.  I bring an understanding of WLE and its history to the table and would be a strong Board member.  I am a CPA with extensive professional background including 38 years of senior level management experience in domestic and international operations, auditing, finance, accounting, internal control and systems development.  I am currently entering my third year of a six year elected term as one of the three auditors for Paupack Township.

WLE has changed dramatically over the past 40 plus years.  Each change brought new challenges.  We started out primarily as owners of undeveloped lots with only a few owners of developed lots.  Today homeowners outnumber undeveloped lot owners (approximately two to one).  Homeowners include fulltime residents (retirees and working families with children) and part time residents (weekenders and snow birds).   Every one of these groups has different needs and expectations and Board decisions need to consider every group - I will represent all members!

I have the utmost respect for the efforts of my current fellow Board members and the many other volunteers that make WLE what it is today - a great place to bring your family - a great place to live and a great place to retire. I applaud the WLE members currently running for the Board, for showing an interest and a willingness to work for our community.  I would like to have your vote, but if that is not possible it is OK, but:



Alan Cucciniello

My name is Alan Cucciniello.    I am seeking your vote for election to the Board of Directors of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates and with your help I will work for the betterment of the Association. 

I was previously elected and served on the Board of Directors for two consecutive three year terms.  At that time, I served as President, Vice President and member. During my tenure on the Board, I worked with extreme diligence to maintain our dues without sacrificing the quality of our community. I am very proud to have been a part of creating new amenities, modernizing the snack convenient buildings, marina expansion and other upgrades all within a fair and tight budget which included zero increase, during tough economic times. 

I feel my decisions on issues are always for the improvement of the entire community.  Being a past Board Member and Property Owner for over twenty years, I have the knowledge of past issues and issues that will be coming up in the future.

Currently, I am the owner of A. Cucciniello Electric, Inc. and have been a licensed electrical contractor since 1973.   I feel owning my own business gives me experience in the construction and operation of a business
which could help serve with issues concerning the growth and changes of our community as well as financial matters that may arise. I was a past President and am a member of the executive board for the Union County Electrical Association.  I was also a delegate to the State Electrical Association of New Jersey.

I met my wife Terry in high school and we have been married since 1982. We have owned our log cabin home in WLE since 1994.  I served as a member of the Building Committee for WLE until elected to the Board of Directors. I am currently an active member of the Recreation Committee and am involved with many activities such as Texas Hold'em, The Wacky Weekend Bonfire, The Fishing Derby among other things.  Our children spent their summers growing up in WLE where they participated on the swim team and thereafter becoming lifeguards.  My wife oversees the summer recreation program and organizes the Music in the Park.