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Jerry Beskovoyne
Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Property Owners. My name is Jerry Besko,  I am a nearly 40 year resident of W.L.E. for which 36 of those years have been full time.  I spent the majority of my teens growing up in W.L.E. and have been a homeowner myself for 22 years.  I have had the pleasure of serving on your Board of Directors as a member and officer acting as President, President and Secretary.  As a past member I was proudly a part of creating new amenities, modernizing the snack convenient buildings, adding new walking trails, Marina expansion and upgrades all of which were within a fair and tight budget which included zero, during the very tough economic crash, to minimum percentage dues increases. It is challenging but fulfilling to help guide the finances and growth of this amazing Community. 

I attended school here at Wallenpaupack Area. After High School, I took engineering and business classes at both Penn State and East Stroudsburg University. I am still to this day continuing my education while building on the advertising business I manage in the Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey region for over 25 years. I possess the following which would be an asset to my service on your Board of Directors:

-    Budgeting, finance and employee skills and experience.
-    Construction and renovation experience
-    Very versed in the grounds of W.L.E. as well as neighboring communities and property owners bordering W.L.E.
-    Strong relationships with local political and community leaders.

I am seeking your vote for election to our Board of Directors, it is truly my best intentions to look out for the betterment of the Homeowners Association as a whole.  I feel that my lengthy residency, years of small business experience, and strong local area knowledge could help our community in its ongoing and future growth.  I am a huge fan of meeting and welcoming new people and families to the Community and have really enjoyed watching so many families grow around me and experience what I did growing up here.  I am proud to raise my children and now Grandchild here in W.L.E. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to grab me at any time as I am always an open book.

Recycle days  Saturdays 9-12am   No open session of the monthly BOD Meetings for November, December, February & March
Greg Pollock
I have decided to get more involved in the community to help it continue to be a great community well into the future. I would like to offer my time and experience to this community and hope to be considered for a seat on the board.

My wife and I have lived in the community for over a decade and of all the places we have lived find this community a very special place. I grew up in a community and my wife and I have lived in other communities over the years. I was even a member of an HOA board previously as a Vice President. I understand the responsibility of putting personal desires aside and making decisions based on what is best for a community now and in the future as decisions we make today have a profound impact on our community's quality of life in the years to come.

In my role as a Regional Director of Operations (Northeast Foods LLC, Star Partner Two and NPC international) I was responsible for the entire business. Operating as many as 70 restaurants across multiple states. I had many direct reports that included 9 District Mgrs., 2 HR Field Mgrs., 2 Field Marketing Mgrs. And 1 construction Mgr. I was responsible for Profit and Loss statements, budgeting, Capex, Strategic Planning, HR to include performance management, Hiring, Training, Facility maintenance, Operations. And so much more.

During my career I had the pleasure of working with some the best leaders in the industry and the one leadership quality I learned that they all shared was the ability to truly listen and communicate. They were not thinking about what they were going to say they were listening. To make good leadership decisions you really must first seek to understand

I feel my experience in these areas make me a good candidate to help the community my wife and I have grown to love.

John (Jack) Gilleeny
Most property owners know that our volunteers are the backbone and heart of our great community. They serve in order to keep WLE as the finest community in North East/Pennsylvania. WLEPOA has also had many fine members of the Board who have brought us to where we are today.

Many have been interested in the direction our community was taking and that is why I have decided to seek election to our Board of Directors again.

I am a retired from the NYC Fire Dept. and served 21 years. During which time I became a co-founder of The NY Firefiighters Burn Center Foundation, where I served as a director for 27 years.

I am currently secretary of the United Retired Firefighters Association [URFA], which represents over
13,000 'Former Active Firefighters' from the FDNY.

I became a member of WLE in 1972 at age 29 and now I'm a young 76. Ouch. During those many years,
volunteering was a must and, of course, still is today.

Humbly, I list some of my time and efforts given to WLE.

Building Committee for 5 years
Co-Chairperson of 'Food Drive' for the poor for many years
Chairperson of Recreation for 3 years.
Election Committee for 3 years
Advisory Board for 3 years
Proposed and provided steel from 9/11 and the etching for our Military and First Responders Memorial.
Board of Directors for 6 years

Since I've been on the sidelines for a while, I figured I had enough time to serve again on the Board.
Many of our residents, including myself, are on fixed incomes and the economy hasn't been too kind either.
I want to once again assist in the direction our community will take, while keeping expenditures to an
acceptable level.

During each election, it seems that many POA members do not bother to vote. I respectfully ask each
member of WLE to make it a priority to vote for the candidates of your choice. Those volunteering to
serve our community for 3 years deserve your interest in voting. I humbly seek your consideration.