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Greg Pollock

Greg Pollockname is Greg Pollock, I have decided to get more involved in the community to help it continue to be a great community well into the future. I would like to offer my time and experience to this community, it would be my pleasure to serve our community on the Board.

My wife and I have lived in the community for over a decade and of all the places we have lived find this community a very special place. I grew up in a community and my wife and I have lived in other communities over the years. I was even a member of another HOA board previously serving as the Vice President. I understand the responsibility of putting personal desires aside and making decisions based on what is best for a community now and in the future as decisions we make today have a profound impact on our community's quality of life in the years to come.

In my role as a Regional Director of Operations (Northeast Foods LLC, Star Partner Two and NPC international) I was responsible for the entire business. Operating as many as 70 restaurants across multiple states. I had many direct reports that included 9 District Mgrs., 2 HR Field Mgrs., 2 Field Marketing Mgrs. And 1 construction Mgr. I was responsible for Profit and Loss statements, budgeting, Capex, Strategic Planning, HR to include performance management, Hiring, Training, Facility maintenance, Operations. And so much more.

During my career I had the pleasure of working with some the best leaders in the industry and the one leadership quality I learned that they all shared was the ability to truly listen and communicate. They were not thinking about what they were going to say they were listening. To make good leadership decisions you really must first seek to understand

I feel my experience in these areas make me a good candidate to help the community my wife and I have grown to love.

Board of Director Candidates Alan Cucciniello and Greg Pollock were qualified on April 9, 2020 by the Nominating Review Committee. The committee is established for each Directorial Election, which shall ascertain the candidates' acceptance of any nomination and their good standing membership status and to otherwise examine, vet and qualify candidates for nomination.

The 1st day of April at 4:30 PM shall be the last day for receiving nominations for the Board of Directors. Two resumes were received by April 1st for two open positions for the Board of Directors, so no vote is necessary according to WLEPOA's Bylaw Article IV Section 6.

Alan Cucciniello will be serving his second 3-year term and Greg Pollock will be entering his first term on the Board of Directors.

Congratulations to Al and Greg.

Alan Cucciniello
I met my wife, Terry in high school and have been married since 1982.  We have owned our log cabin home in WLE since 1994.  I recently purchased a newer home in the community in anticipation of retiring in the near future.  I became a member of recreation and then joined the building committee before being elected to the Board of Directors during my first term.   I am currently an active member of the Recreation Committee and am involved with many activities. My wife and two daughters spent their summers in WLE where they participated on swim team and thereafter becoming lifeguards.  We are new grandparents and are hoping that my granddaughter can enjoy all that WLE has to offer. 

I was elected and served on the Board of Directors for two consecutive three year terms before being required to step down. Three years ago I ran and was elected to the Board again.  During my tenure on the Board I served as President, Vice President and member of the Board of Directors.   I worked extremely diligent to maintain our dues without sacrificing the quality of our community. I feel my decisions on issues are always for the betterment of the entire community.  Being a past Board member and a property owner for over twenty-five years, I have the knowledge of the issues that will be coming up in the future

I love the tranquil surroundings of this beautiful community and the many amenities it has to offer.  I have seen many changes since I have bought my home and would like to continue to take an active role. I believe I am very approachable and will listen to your concerns.  I would appreciate your vote and you considering me for the Board of Directors and give me the opportunity to serve you for another three years.  Your vote is very important for choosing your leaders in this great community.